10 Facts about Breast Milk

Nutricia Research primarily focuses on understanding the composition, structure and functionality of human milk ingredients to better understand the early life nutritional needs of infants.

The composition of breast milk

differs between mothers

Breast milk
varies based on

  • Maternal

  • Maternal

  • Local

  • Genetic

  • Compositional changes
    during lactation

Breast milk of a healthy mother has
the perfect combination of

carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and immune modulators

Breast milk contains


Prebiotic Oligosaccharides

Breast milk contains

tailor-made immunological compounds that are exclusive to individual mother's milk

breast milk contains 2 types of proteins

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This balance of the proteins allows for easy digestion

The composition of breast milk changes during lactation. The major change in breast milk composition during breast feeding is the proportion of fat.

Antibodies, living cells, enzymes and hormones
together make breast milk the ideal food for infants.

These compounds are not presently added to formula.

The first few days of breast milk is called


It is rich in antibodies for helping to develop both the
digestive and immune systems of the infant.