Danone Nutricia Prebiotics

Danone Nutricia Prebiotics are a patented blend of prebiotics.

A child's gut is an important natural line of defence as it makes up two thirds of our body's total immune system. Danone Nutricia therefore developed patented  Prebiotics to support a child’s digestive and natural immune system.

How Danone Nutricia Prebiotics work

Danone Nutricia Prebiotics are a unique mixture of prebiotics that naturally survive the digestive process to feed the good bacteria. Danone Nutricia Prebiotics help support a child’s  digestive and immune system.

These good bacteria are important protective agents that help keep children healthy in three ways:

1. Supporting the intestinal barrier

Intestines have a mucus barrier that stops harmful bacteria invading the rest of the body. This barrier also helps prevent potential allergens from entering the bloodstream. Healthy bacteria help keep this gut barrier strong by promoting a thicker and more protective mucus lining.

2. Encouraging the growth of good bacteria

Healthy bacteria compete for the same nutrients as bad bacteria. So the more good bacteria we have, the less chance bad bacteria have to survive in the child’s intestines and cause infections.

3. Supporting the immune system

The immune system in our gut plays a key role in our body's natural defence mechanism, making up two thirds of the body's overall immune system. By encouraging growth of good bacteria, prebiotics can also help influence the amount of immune tissue in the gut.

The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics are easily confused. Not only are the names similar, but they are both related to the good bacteria we all need to maintain good digestive health. However, that's where the similarity ends.

Probiotics is the name given to the range of good bacteria naturally present in the gut. These help the digestive system function properly. Some Probiotics are present in food such as yoghurt, and these may, or may not, make it through the digestive system to the large bowel.

Prebiotics pass through the stomach to feed the good bacteria in a child's gut, supporting their natural immune system. Prebiotics work naturally from within to encourage the growth of good bacteria which support the digestive and immune systems in developing babies.