A simple guide to sterilising

Before you start, thoroughly wash the bottles, rings and teats and leave them to dry. Here are the methods you can use to sterilise:

  • Steam

    Electric steamers sterilise bottles in 8-12 minutes, leaving no unpleasant smell or taste.

  • Microwave

    Some bottles can be sterilised in the microwave. Or you can buy a steriliser that fits in your microwave.

  • Boiling

    Submerge all equipment in boiling water for five minutes.

  • Cold water

    Sterilisation tablets take around 30 minutes and are highly effective.

Once sterilised

  • Fill the bottles with cooled boiled water and store them in the fridge; or

  • Leave the bottles in sterilising solution until next time; or

  • Store on the bench covered with protective cap.