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2013 Precautionary Recall

In August, 2013, we chose to recall two products from shelves and homes across New Zealand as a result of a possible contamination from our supplier Fonterra. While we are pleased that the Ministry for Primary Industries have since confirmed that the products in question did in fact meet all health and safety standards and that there never was a risk to the health of any child, we do not regret the decision to recall these products and stand behind our promise to put the safety of babies first.

We acknowledge that no one has been more affected by this decision than you, the parents and carers. We offer our sincerest apologies for any concern, anxiety or interruption to you routine that this may have caused. We are truly sorry and are committed to going above and beyond in order to regain your trust.

To help you to both understand the entire event and see the steps we’ve taken to prevent the possibility of this happening again, we’ve created this timeline.

18 Sep 2013Circletimeline


To further reinforce our commitment to quality and safety Nutricia has added three additional initiatives. Read more

6 Sep 2013


In recognition and response to over 12,000 concerned parents, grandparents, families and carers who reached out to us during the precautionary recall, the entire ANZ Nutricia team says, "Thank you." Read more

30 Aug 2013


To ease the fears of New Zealand parents and carers, Nutricia GM, Corine Tap, appears on Breakfast on TV One. Watch now

29 Aug 2013


Corine Tap, Nutricia GM, confirms that all products have been deemed safe for consumption from the MPI. Watch now


After conducting independent testing, the MPI clears all batches from any contamination by Clostridium botulinum. Read more

26 Aug 2013


After completing the recall of any potentially contaminated batches, unaffected product returns to shelves.

12 Aug 2013


Nutricia GM, Corine Tap, meets with the media to confirm the narrowing of the precautionary recall. Watch now

Working with the MPI, the precautionary recall is narrowed to limited production dates.

5 Aug 2013


Corine Tap, Nutricia GM, confirms the extension of the precautionary recall through a statement to the press.

After receiving new information from Fonterra, Nutricia extends the precautionary recall to all batches of the potentially affected products.

3 Aug 2013


Nutricia initiates a precautionary recall on potentially affected batches.

2 Aug 2013

Fonterra informs Nutricia & the MPI about a possible ingredient contamination.