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Posted 10/07/2017

As a new technology measure, we are introducing laser printed product coding on the bottom of our New Zealand-made Aptamil and Karicare cows’ milk products. The bottom of each tin will feature a big blue dot with laser printed product coding. This new technology is an upgrade to the latest standard in the market and will allow for better visual inspection and make it easier for coding information to be read.

We assure parents that this is a simple packaging improvement. The product ingredients and formulation are still the same. 

The first product with the new blue dot and laser printed coding will be Aptamil Gold+ stage 2, with a production date of 1st June 2017 onwards. The implementation of this new coding will be gradually introduced, which means that for a period of time there will be some products in the market with the blue dot and some without.

Below is an example of the old vs new product coding. 

9418783002837 1 9418783002837A 1

Should you have any further questions regarding this packaging change, please contact our Careline on:

Australia 1800 060057 or New Zealand 0800 688742


Posted 04/07/2017

In response to recent reports about nanoparticles in brands of infant formula, Nutricia wishes to assure parents and carers that engineered nanomaterials are not added by design to any of our products or packaging.  Our raw ingredients are carefully sourced from suppliers and we ensure that these suppliers comply with the same requirement. 

We are committed to our mission to make every day count for you and your baby. This includes delivering on our food safety and quality promise to deliver optimal nutrition for baby in the sensitive stage of early life.

In addition to complying with Australian food standards and safety regulations, including the infant formula standard within the Food Standards Code, we also adhere to European standards (Recommendation No. 2011/696/) which states that for a compound to be considered a nanomaterial, this nano-fraction should account for at least 50% of the particles.

Nutricia also sets clear guidance for our suppliers to comply with stringent food quality and safety standards ensuring our raw ingredients, packaging, and finished product deliver the products parents and carers around the world trust.  Studies to satisfy these standards are conducted by external independent experts.


FSANZ - Expert reaction - nano particles in IF


Availability of Aptamil Products

Posted 08/06/2017

We know that some parents and carers are experiencing difficulty locating Aptamil Gold+ and Aptamil Profutura products at their local supermarket or pharmacy.  If you are having trouble, please contact our Nutricia Careline for advice via telephone (1800 438 500)or webform.

Our Careline team includes customer care specialists, midwives, dietitians and nutritionists. Our team can provide guidance on your child’s feeding requirements and for assistance with sourcing your preferred product.

We would like to reassure all our customers that we're working hard to maintain continuous supply of our Aptamil products to Australian supermarkets and pharmacies, including expanding our New Zealand manufacturing facilities to increase production capacity and meet increased demand. 

We are very sorry for any inconvenience to you or your families.


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