Our local heritage

Our founder, Sir Truby King, was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Sir Truby completed his medicine studies in Edinburgh before returning to lead New Zealand's largest and most important mental hospital for 32 years.

At a time when there was no help for mothers unable to breast feed, Sir Truby was convinced at least half of baby deaths occurring in the first year of life were preventable.

Sir Truby founded the Royal Society for the Health of Women and Children in Dunedin. Its motto was 'breast fed is best fed' - a motto that we still hold today! With the support of New Zealand's Governor and his wife, Lord and Lady Plunket, Sir Truby began to open clinics and experiment with milk formula with extraordinary success.

"Karitane" was born, named after the town where Sir Truby and his wife first provided formula to a number of malnourished babies.

Within five years of forming the Royal Society for the Health of Women and Children, the lives of babies saved in NZ were three a day - over 1,000 a year!

Sir Truby founded the Mothercraft Training Society and was invited to go to London after his system of feeding and care achieved amazing results. Under his supervision, the training of registered nurses and the life-saving Plunket Movement began.

The Australian Mothercraft Society was established in Sydney by a number of parents and friends whose babies had benefited from the work of the Truby King Societies in New Zealand and England.

Under the guidance of Sir Truby, the Karitane Products Society developed its first range of milks - and the rest, as they say, is history!

The range was licensed to Douglas Pharmaceuticals for distribution in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Nutricia acquired the products from Douglas Pharmaceuticals and Karicare was born!

Nutricia becomes part of the Danone group.

Nutricia is officially renamed Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition globally.