Founded in 1896, Danone Nutricia works with parents, carers and healthcare professionals to educate about early life nutrition through advice and support, as well as products and services. For over 100 years Danone Nutricia has been at the forefront of research in infant nutrition and our pioneering efforts continue today. At the heart of our work is our commitment to stand by mums, dads and caregivers to nurture new lives through science-driven research and development, as well as quality manufacturing.

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The First 1,000 Days and Beyond

Starting with family planning and conception, through to toddlerhood, the first 1,000 days of a child’s life offers a unique window of opportunity to shape their future. The early life nutrition they receive during these 1,000 days can have a profound impact on their lifelong health.

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Our Research

With over 50 years of research into breast milk and maternal health, Danone Nutricia Research continues to be at the forefront of innovation in early life nutrition. Across three dedicated state-of-the-art centres globally, our network of over 600 experts covers a variety of disciplines and includes paediatricians, dietitians and scientists. These professionals all work towards one goal: bringing health through food to as many people as possible.

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In our mission to stand by and support, Danone Nutricia offers online communities and resource centres for parents and caregivers, allowing them to explore information on early life nutrition, connect with our team of qualified experts, as well as real mums. Further, for healthcare professionals, we provide access to Danone Nutricia Research and the greater community of Early Life Nutrition experts.

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Our team of professionals include healthcare consultants such as qualified dietitians, lactation consultants, nutritionists and midwives. They're available to help with any questions, Monday to Friday, from 6:30am - 5:00pm (AEST).

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